Mind, Body & Spirit.

Life has passed exceptionally quickly these past few years. I have been more focused on the next big event instead of the journey. Moving to seminary, finding a job so we didn’t starve, my husband’s ordinations, pregnancy and childbirth, our first placement, moving, etc… You get the idea, right?  I’ve felt out of balance, unfocused.  Now, I am making a concerted effort to focus.  Mind, body and spirit.

Mind – Today I spent time uncluttering my head.  I put pen to paper and wrote my list of to-do’s on paper.  Now, I can focus.  It’s amazing how much lighter I feel seeing everything on paper.  Surprisingly, it is not overwhelming.  And, for the first time in weeks, I was able to complete a few tasks.  Those few check marks on my list are wonderful, wonderful things!  I am no longer a stress bunny. Or, at least, I am less of a stress bunny.  I know what I need to do tomorrow. I can enjoy my trip to the grocery store, I can enjoy cooking for my family, I can enjoy my workout. I can enjoy catching up on laundry (I never thought I would ever write that).  Most importantly, I can enjoy playing with my son.

Body – I saw my chiropractor today.  I am focusing on correcting my hip issue.  I had an injury in high school that never fully resolved.  When I run, or do any exercise that involves using my hip (which is most cardio), I find that my hip gives out long before my endurance.  So, in addition to my exercise routine, I am focusing on the stretches, exercises and chiropractic care needed to stabilize my hip.  I know that taking the time to resolve this now will help me achieve my goals.  I also know that I need to enjoy the process.  Every stretch, exercise and chiropractic adjustment is a good moment.  A moment where I am prioritizing my health so that I can be that mom who plays tag in the backyard.

Spirit –  Ah, the biggie.  This used to feel a lot easier.  Now I find it is a lot easier to feel distracted instead of spiritual.  I have been complaining that it is harder to worship in church with a little one.  I felt like I was missing a lot of the Liturgy while herding my son in a pew, carrying him in the Ergo, playing with him in the nursery when he needed a break, chasing him up and down the aisles when all he wants to do is go see Dad, etc.  I’m going to call BS on this line of thinking.  Those things should not be viewed as distractions! These are moments to enjoy.  Yes, quiet time with God is important. But, who says that time has to be during church?  Teaching my son about the services, icons, prayers, music, hymns, stories and, most importantly, Jesus… these are wonderful things.  I can worship as I teach him.  Seeing my son kiss crosses & icons,  watching him watch his Dad perform the Liturgy, singing the hymns and listening to my son join in…  these are great ways to worship.

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