Weigh In Day.

So, today is Friday.  Weigh in day.  I’ve always preferred to weigh myself on Friday.  Not sure why.  

Today I was up 0.8 pounds.  After last weeks 2.6 pound loss, I am now down a net total of 1.8 pounds.  

In the past, this increase would have upset me to my core.  I would have been in a bad mood all day.  Not this time.  Why?

Well, I have been tracking my food.  I know that I had some meal planning failures.  I burned the beans for a bean soup. So, we ate out.  I didn’t go grocery shopping on time this week.  So, we ate out.  We also ate out after church on Sunday, as usual.  I know that this is not just bad for our budget.  Every time we eat out more than once per week, I know that the scale may not go down.  No matter how much I count the calories, I never know exactly how it was prepared.  And, not all restaurants have a nutrition information sheet.  So, at those restaurants, I’m really guessing.  

Also, I didn’t throw myself into my workouts this week.  I’m trying to balance getting a great workout and modifying moves so as to not hurt my hip.  I know I could have pushed a bit harder this week and still not aggravated my hip.

Today’s weigh in gives me a start for this upcoming week.  I know where I am. I know that 0.8 pounds is not a huge gain.  I know meal planning is not optional.  I know to push myself a bit more at my workouts.  I know next week’s weigh in will be better.   


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