New Year and New Adventures Ahead

Fortunately, I maintained my weight during the week of Christmas.  I’ll take that.  I had a few indulgences and my in-laws came in for a visit — which entailed a lot of eating out.  I may pay for that at this weeks weigh in.  I still hate weigh-ins after I eat out.  One of these days I will be better at calculating calories at restaurants.  Or, I will have to only eat at restaurants that disclose their nutritional content…

With the new year, I feel a renewed desire to do everything in my power to make this a fantastic year for me and my family.  BUT, I refuse to do a bunch of New Year’s resolutions.  I’m all about goals this year.  A resolution is nothing more or less than something that you keep.  “I’m keeping my resolution to eat healthier” is something I’ve heard a lot these past few weeks.  And, I hope they keep their resolutions.  Resolutions are nice.  Resolutions do not have specific deadlines, nor are they something you achieve.  I’m looking for some achievement, some growth as a human being.  So, I’m working towards achieving goals.  I have goals in almost every aspect of my life and I am excited to begin working on them!  2013, let’s do this!

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