The One Minute Summary

Hey there!  I’m Nicole.

I am a Midwestern gal with Southern hospitality and Northeastern artistic sensibilities.

I am a mother to a happy baby boy and wife to my best mate/high school sweetheart.

I love the great outdoors and high heeled shoes.

I love caffeine, but only in the form of coffee or tea.

I am a perfectionist who has a hard time keeping a clean house.

I believe that people do not change, they evolve.

Childhood to Adulthood

I was born and raised in what some might call the sticks, the boonies, or the middle of nowhere.  I call it a child’s paradise.  I grew up three hours from the nearest metropolitan city and most of my playtime involved the outdoors and my imagination.  I grew up knowing that there were kids to play with down the street, not a Starbucks.  I learned how to think for myself, that sometimes other people take precedence and that goals often take a lot of hard work to achieve.  For that I am very grateful.

I skipped my senior year of high school and began the process of figuring out what I truly wanted to do with my life.  After moving to the city, 4 college transfers, and just as many majors, I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology.  Truth be told, I did not pick that major.  I was planning my wedding and knew that I would be completely without financial assistance from my parents afterwards.  So, I asked the academic adviser what degree I could get in the shortest amount of time. You guessed it! With the way my credits transferred, I could finish the Psychology degree the same semester that I got married! So, I did and, thankfully, I fell in love with my chosen field!

Marriage to Motherhood

My husband and I had recently converted to Orthodox Christianity. His aspirations were to go to seminary and possibly be ordained a priest (he had formerly been an ordained baptist minister).  But, we were told we had to wait three years before we could go to seminary with any hope of a scholarship.

What do two twenty somethings do for three years when their degrees are a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Religion? Well, they go into the insurance industry of course! My parents owned a multi-county independent insurance agency and had a few gaps to fill.  After comparing our job options, we gladly accepted their offer of employment.

Now, this is the point in the story where things get dicey.  Shortly after moving home, my parents decided they could no longer feign happiness.  It became clear that their relationship was beyond rocky and the divorce process began.  Warring lawyers led to me spending my one year anniversary at my mom’s house keeping the peace between my mother and sister.  Fast forward through a lot of messy family memories and my husband and I fled back to the city in an attempt to save ourselves from destruction.

God was indeed looking out for us.  We found out that my husband could attend seminary beginning that August!  A lot happened during those three years.  I lost 75 pounds, my husband got a great  education, I got to take acting classes at Stella Adler Studio of Acting (a dream of mine since childhood), we met some great people who became our friends, my husband was ordained to the priesthood… and we got to see some great Broadway shows.  The greatest thing of all is, of course, the birth of our first child.  My son was born 3 weeks before we left the city for our first church assignment back in the Midwest.

Personal Growth

I’m still evolving.  Please subscribe to my blog to follow my progress.

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