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Don’t trust the skinny barista behind the counter…

A few days ago, I met a new friend for coffee at Caribou Coffee.  I planned to have a small indulgence —  a Caramel High Rise valued at 360 calories with whip.  I got to the coffee shop, said hello to my friend and went to the counter to place my order.  I noticed a holiday flavor called the Salted Caramel Bundino.  I asked the skinny barista what it was.  She said it was her favorite coffee and that it was similar to the Caramel High Rise, but with a nice salty sweet taste.  In my mind I thought that Salty Caramel is similar to Caramel.  I ordered the same size, but without the whip.

After 45 minutes of playing with my son and some delightful conversation, I went home and entered my calories into my journal.  I had to look up the Salty Caramel Bundino.  AGH!  Much to my shock & horror, the beverage I enjoyed had 850 calories!

850 calories!  Now, a Big Mac has 550 calories.  So, what the heck is in a COFFEE to make it so calorie laden?  It was good, but not that good!  I would have preferred to eat one and a half Big Macs or two double cheeseburgers!  At least then I would have actually eaten food!

So, I learned a lesson.  NEVER order anything you don’t know the calories for!  I assumed… and I made a fool of myself.

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