Weigh-In and the Plan for this Week.

My weigh-in day was Friday.  I lost 0.2.  That may not seem like a lot, and in pounds it isn’t.  But, I am happy that the scale went down.  I was afraid that the holiday indulgences would catch up to me in a negative way (even though by my calorie counting it shouldn’t have).  Add to that the fact that my husband was out of town (which meant that I didn’t get to go to Zumba and that my evening workouts were not consistent) a good chunk of this past week.  Yeah… I’m happy to lose 0.2 pounds.    I lost weight!

I’ve maintained and lost (albeit in very small amounts) weight this holiday season.  This is a first for me.  I could be upset that I didn’t lose 1-2 pounds per week.  But, in all honesty, I didn’t eat or workout in a manner that would have resulted in that kind of weight loss.  I enjoyed the holidays.  I had a few cookies.  I ate out with my family when they came to visit the week after Christmas.  I missed a few workouts.

Now, I’m ready to kick some butt (mine) this week.  I am geared up to go to Zumba 3 days this week (Thank you hubby for watching the kiddo).  I am ready to do all 6 days of Body Revolution Week 3.  My son loves to ride in the stroller and get some fresh, crisp Iowa winter air (I know, it’s cold… but we bundle up!).  So, I plan on using that to motivate me into going for a few 30 minute walk/jog sessions on my non-Zumba days.

I know what I am capable of.  I’ve already lost 70 pounds before.  Having my son doesn’t change that.  In fact, I have more motivation than ever before.  I know how to push myself and get results.  Let’s do this!

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New Year and New Adventures Ahead

Fortunately, I maintained my weight during the week of Christmas.  I’ll take that.  I had a few indulgences and my in-laws came in for a visit — which entailed a lot of eating out.  I may pay for that at this weeks weigh in.  I still hate weigh-ins after I eat out.  One of these days I will be better at calculating calories at restaurants.  Or, I will have to only eat at restaurants that disclose their nutritional content…

With the new year, I feel a renewed desire to do everything in my power to make this a fantastic year for me and my family.  BUT, I refuse to do a bunch of New Year’s resolutions.  I’m all about goals this year.  A resolution is nothing more or less than something that you keep.  “I’m keeping my resolution to eat healthier” is something I’ve heard a lot these past few weeks.  And, I hope they keep their resolutions.  Resolutions are nice.  Resolutions do not have specific deadlines, nor are they something you achieve.  I’m looking for some achievement, some growth as a human being.  So, I’m working towards achieving goals.  I have goals in almost every aspect of my life and I am excited to begin working on them!  2013, let’s do this!

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This weeks affirmations…

I am devoting time to rewiring my attitude.  As I enjoy this journey, so must I enjoy new thought patterns.  I am posting affirmations on my mirrors, refrigerator, computer and coffee pot.  Here are the 5 affirmations I am focusing on this week:

  • I enjoy the process of reaching a healthy weight.
  • I see myself at my healthy weight and I achieve it.
  • I have a positive attitude about what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat.
  • Exercise makes me feel good.
  • I respect my body and treat it accordingly.
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